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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So, the fact that the Internet is like having five million TV channels with no TV guide has you thinking there must be a better way. Even worse, every viewer is a channel surfer with a remote. Sometimes your expectation level for a web site might be a bit high. You've just launched your web site and are disappointed that ten thousand visitors didn't stop by? When you put your listing in the phone book did ten thousand people call you the first day?

There are some techniques that can be employed to help get your site noticed, listed and ranked. At Olympic Web Design we offer search engine optimization services.

Content is King

Keep in mind that each search engine has a different alogorithm for determining placement. This adds to the challenge of getting top placement. One of the most important things to remember is that today, Content is King! Search engines won't index you for terms and phrases that they don't find when crawling your site. One of the most important aspects of your web site is the title tag. The title of your page shows up in the top blue bar of your browser. Because this is so important, you want to be certain that your title tag contains your most important keyword phrase or phrases. Many people make the mistake of putting just their company name or perhaps something generic like "welcome".

There is much more to search engine opimization than we can write in a few paragraphs. Here are a few basics: Descriptive Title Tag; be certain you have descriptive Heading Tags; strong keyword dense content; alt tags for all of your images; text links to all of your pages; a site map. Again, there is so much more.

Please contact us for more information about our search engine optimization services.